Crypto-Ticker #015

- Handmade & unique

- Track your favourite cryptocurrency prices

- Track your portfolio value

- Use it as a clock

- Display custom text

User manual

Ticker properties
Bitcoin & Crypto-Ticker

You can connect to the Crypto-Ticker via your Smartphone, Laptop or Computer. After connecting the Ticker to your Wifi, you can select Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to display its value in EUR, USD or BTC. If you want, you can set the amount of coins too and track your portfolio value. You can select your favourite exchange (as long it is listed at McMoe's API) to track certain prices as well.


If you don`t want to track your coins during heavy bear markets, you can use your Crypto-Ticker as a clock and let it display the current time based on your location.

Custom text

It is also possible to configure custom text and let it scroll over your Crypto-Ticker.


- Wood (beech)

- Veneer (oak)

- Microprocessor (ESP-32)

- LED display (MAX7219)


- Weight: 850g

- Length: 30cm

- Width: 7,5cm

- Height: 6,5cm

- LED color: red

- Power connection: Micro USB

Wifi frequency

- 2,4 MHz